We want to see children and families packed with God’s power. Chasing God and Shaking Nations.
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We want to see nations changed and God’s glory released.
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We believe our resources can help release children into all the Holy Spirit has for them.
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Every Powerpack meeting includes engaging Bible teaching, powerful worship and God encounter.
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 We run events for children and leaders across the UK and overseas.
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 Our shop contains a wealth of resources for children’s ministry, from prayer globes, puppets to witnessing resources.
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We believe that the children today can shake this nation.
Training Prayer Warriors
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We have a global calling so teams in Argentina and Thailand are seeing amazing blessings.
Hope In Myanmar
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We have a wide range of resources in Spanish, Thai, Italian and Romanian.
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We are a bunch of leaders who are wanting to see God bring revival to the children of our nation.  We have gathered in 2013 and 2013 and the journey continues –  join with us. NRG We want to see our local schools and communities transformed.
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 We create resources and curriculum to empower children and leaders to become God Chasers and Nation Shakers.
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