Powerpack always creates a fantastic environment for children to know Jesus in a real and personal way. From being filled with the Holy Spirit to hearing God and being released in praise and worship, we have seen thousands of children’s lives impacted at our annual event by the dynamic ministry of Powerpack.

Clive Urquhart

Senior Pastor, Kingdom Faith Church, Horsham

Powerpack has been powerful in its spiritual impact upon our children! Because of this exceptional ministry our kids not only know more about God, but they also know the personal touch of the Spirit upon their lives.  The church needs more ministries like this!

Terry and Cheryl Edwards

Senior Pastors, Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship, California, USA

Powerpack is a dynamic ministry to children that genuinely ‘packs the power’ of the Holy Spirit. Heather Thompson and her team truly have the Lord’s heart for children and really show them His love. Plus, they challenge them through God’s word to expect ‘big things’ from the Lord even though they are young! I thank the Lord for Powerpack!

Rod Halecky

Senior Pastor, The River, Reno, Nevada, USA

Powerpack is a unique Christian ministry to children. Whilst bringing clear Biblical teaching in an environment of friendship and fun, children are encouraged to be open to the dynamic of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I highly recommend this ministry.

Stuart Bell

Leader of the Ground Level Network, New Life Lincoln

Heather’s input to our children’s work has been invaluable. Her ability to communicate how to lead children into the presence of God has had significant impact on our ministry and has challenged and inspired us. She has a clear anointing to enable children to move in the power of the Spirit including hearing from God and praying for others. Heather has brought a new way of thinking to our Children’s work which will have a lasting impact.

Trevor Johnson

Children's Leader, King's Church, Horsham