Training & Equipping

Training and equipping those involved in children’s ministry is an important element of the work of Powerpack. Heather and other members of the team have considerable experience in all areas of children’s ministry and are available to lead training days, sessions, workshops etc.

Training Options

There are a couple of different options as regards training opportunities:

1 – A training day for the leaders in your church. This would usually take place on a Saturday between 10am / 10.30am and 4pm / 4.30pm (or times to suit)

2 – A training day for your leaders plus others, invited by you, from churches in your local area.


We would ask you to select subjects, from the list , which you feel would be most helpful. You might like to order them labelled 1st choice, 2nd choice and so on.

Need something a bit different?

The above are only possibilities so please contact us if you have a specific request, or if a topic you want is not listed, and we will do our best to put together a programme that will work in your church situation.