What We Believe

What we Believe


  • Children are part of the church today and should be treated as such.
  • Children need to encounter God for themselves in salvation and then develop their own relationship with God.
  • Children can be filled with the Holy Spirit, receive and use the gifts of the Spirit and be used powerfully by God.
  • Parents have the primary responsibility for their children’s spiritual well being with the church fulfilling a supportive role.
  • Fun and spiritual activities are not mutually exclusive.
  • Children deserve the best that we can give them in terms of leaders and programme. We should aim for excellence in every area of our work.
  • Children need to be taught the word of God as a basis for life and all the experiences they have in God.
  • Each child has a destiny in God which we need to help them discover and then equip them to fulfil.


Our Powerpack theme song encapsulates what we aim to help and equip children to be:- Gonna be a Powerpack,  Gonna be a nation shaker, Gonna make an impact,  Gonna be a kingdom maker, Standing strong (I won’t hold back), Following Jesus (No way back), He’s the Lord (And that’s a fact),  I’m a mighty Powerpack, Showing that we love you Jesus,  by doing what you tell us to, Listening close to Your commands, Standing for what’s true, Don’t wanna leave this world as we found it,  Don’t want it to be the same, We want to see revival come In the power of Jesus’ name!

Powerpack is a dynamic ministry to children that genuinely ‘packs the power’ of the Holy Spirit. Heather Thompson and her team truly have the Lord’s heart for children and really show them His love. Plus, they challenge them through God’s word to expect ‘big things’ from the Lord even though they are young! I thank the Lord for Powerpack Pastor Rod Halecky

The River, Reno, Nevada, USA