Sunday Transformers

Nick is leading Transformers most weeks.  His plan to film himself in the basement has failed so each week or so he’ll pop some content up here. The mini congregations have different age splits, so it may be that the video is too young or old for you children.   You can view the latest Transformers input on the Transformers Playlist on the HBC YouTube Channel.

What’s in the service for your mini congregation?

The plan is to have an all-age element at the start of the service, even though there are no children in the main sanctuary, for all ages to enjoy at home.  Sometimes that is live, Like Ian and his backpack, or sometimes pre-recorded like Nick hiding teddy bears.

Sunday 25th October

Mini Congregation C in the building continuing our series on the armour of God from Ephesians 6 .  Today’s verse is from Psalm 46:1 God is our protection and our strength.  He always helps in times of trouble.

Racial Justice materials below.


Sunday 18th October

Mini Congregation B in the building thinking starting our series on the armour of God from Ephesians 6 – it looks. at the verse from Ephesians 6:10 Be Strong In The Lord and His Mighty Power.


Sunday 11th October

Mini Congregation A in the building thinking about 1 Peter 5 – Nick recorded in teh basement but it was a bit tricky so he’s gone to Plan B – pre-record and post what he will do!


Talking About Racial Injustice

You may have seen lots in the news about race and racism.

However, our God is a God of Justice and we are called to “walk justly” in this world.

Here is a resource exploring what the Bible says about Justice which I hope can be a helpful starting point for you. Download here


Discussing Race and Justice with your children.

For Parents/Carers,

Above are some images that might help us represent God’s love for all people better in our homes, they are designed for kids leaders but are equally applicable for homes.

You may wish to talk through this newsround article.

The following links are to blog posts/articles exploring how we speak to our children about race from a Christian perspective – and include useful links to other resources.

Parenting for Faith – Talking with children and teens about injustice

Wendy Claire Barrie – Talking to our children about race.

Christinevhides – Talking about race and racism with children.

Parents Guide To Black Lives Matter – Nick’s friend has been part fo a team creating this resource – it’s not a Christian resource but very helpful.


Most years we organise an alternative party at HBC on 31st October. We always have the Shine song, a puppet sketch and a pumpkin talk.  So we’ve recorded it for you to enjoy.  Below are lots of other things that might help you give Jesus some focus during the evening!


Puzzles & Activities
Prayer Stations
Yummy Food Ideas