Kids Shaking Nations In Haiti

All week at Skegness we have been hearing about the devastation in Haiti and an opportunity to bless God’s people there.  The children in Powerpack raised over £800 to buy equipment for the child care centres there and loved praying.  Pete & Ali Gray clowned around in kids tunnels as caterpillars and played with the toys (well Pete did!) to try and help our kids understand the difference they can make.  

We are sure that engaging children and families in acts of compassion like this makes a difference – Having looked at how Jesus showed love and compassion to others it seems only right that we should act generously to bless God’s people, our brothers and sisters.

It is a really engaging story of hope – if you feel you can support Compassion as they make a difference please check out the following links:

Spring Harvest Compassion Page

Compassion Haiti Page

 Also in the summer we are hoping to bless the church in Burma.  There is an opportunity at the moment for Powerpack to see a significant breakthrough in the lives of a group of children.  There is land to buy, leaders to train and equipment to purchase.  Please pray that we can help our kids understand how to be Nation Shakers in the summer and greatly support His children on the other side of the world.