God Using Children

God uses Indonesian children in healing revival

Indonesia is experiencing miracles! In the area where three Christian school-girls were brutally beheaded 18 months ago and over 15,000 homes and shops were razed to the ground, three children are being used in a special way to bring the Gospel to many people. Since January 2007, Selvin, an 8 year old girl, Presbyterian, has been used in a healing revival in the Poso District with up to 30,000 people at a time – Muslims, Hindus, Christians – attending, getting saved and healed. Now another two children have begun. Moko, an 8 year old Presbyterian boy has been touched by the Lord and is preaching the Gospel powerfully and last week was invited by the Mayor of Toraja ( South Sulawesi) to come and conduct revival meetings with 40,000 attending. Another young girl, 11 year old Maria, a Pentecostal, has begun preaching a message of national repentance and repentance in the churches. All of this in the area greatly impacted by a massive persecution that began at Christmas 1998 and continued on through last year. Now it seems that the prayers of many for this area from around the world are being realized. Tens of thousands have been saved.
Source: Annette Hammond
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Children’s revival sweeps northern Thailand

Christians say spiritual revival has come to the northern Thailand village of Suplang because of the dedication of Karen tribal children. Not only do they gather to praise and worship God each day, but they also pray for the healing of adults and children. Christians started praying for revival here about 10 years ago, but they say noticeable change only came when 12,000 Karen gathered for a reconciliation camp last year. “People started to confess the sins of the village, and commit the village to the Lord,” Sydney Jariyaphruttipong, a Thai pastor, said. “Eighty families, out of 85 are now Christians. People confess their sins openly. Children start to see visions of heaven. There’s a clear change in their lives.”Source: Jay Esteban, CBN News Asia


Remarkable revival among children in Shillong, India

Since several months a revival is going on in India’s northeastern state of Meghalaya. The most unique feature of this revival is the way God is using children to speak to churches, pastors, leaders and parents. Thousands of children have been affected and have brought, on many occasions, their own parents back to a relationship with God. In many cases even divorced or separated couples have been reconciled through their children. In other cases whole congregations have been brought to conviction of their sins through the revelations the children received.

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China: 10,000 children trained to be cross-cultural missionaries

Peter Wagner sent us this report from a recent trip to Hong Kong,
where he met with leaders of the underground church in mainland China:
“M told that he learned only by experience how to plant churches. He had never met a foreigner, to say nothing of a missionary. He didn’t have a Bible or any other book. His only methodology was to pray and seek the Lord. God poured out miraculous signs and wonders as he planted churches. In the costal city alone they have 1,500 services every Sunday. The dynamic lady in charge of the Sunday School children of 10 years of age and under, named Eden, 37, has 10,000 children under her leadership with a total of 100,000 in the whole Sunday School. The 10,000 regularly hold all Friday night prayer meetings, praying for missions. The 10,000 children all come. Her target is the 465 million Chinese under 15 years of age. She trains her Sunday School children to be cross-cultural missionaries. This year she will be doing three national conferences for principals of Sunday Schools only.”Source: C. Peter Wagner, ICA