Chasing God Shaking Nations

Powerpack originated from the concept that children can be little ‘powerpacks’ for God. The ministry was founded in 1986 by Heather Thompson who is still the director of the ministry.

Powerpack is all about seeing children raised up as ‘God chasers and nation shakers’.  Powerpack is interdenominational and charismatic in character. We are team based – drawing volunteers from various churches throughout the UK and overseas. There is a core leadership team which is made up of Heather Thompson, Nick Jackson and Chris Jackson. The ministry is administered by the Powerpack Trust.  We have teams working in Chiang Mai, Thailand and La Plata, Argentina.

Encountering God

Encountering God | Knowing the Bible | Filled with the Holy Spirit

  • We believe that children are part of the church today and should be treated as such.
  • Children need to encounter God for themselves in salvation and then develop their own relationship with God.
  • Children can be filled with the Holy Spirit, receive and use the gifts of the Spirit and be used powerfully by God.
  • Parents have the primary responsibility for their children’s spiritual well being with the church fulfilling a supportive role.
  • Fun and spiritual activities are not mutually exclusive.
  • Children deserve the best that we can give them in terms of leaders and programme. We should aim for excellence in every area of our work.
  • Children need to be taught the word of God as a basis for life and all the experiences they have in God.
  • Each child has a destiny in God which we need to help them discover and then equip them to fulfil.
Praying For Nations

Praying For Nations

The primary aim of Powerpack is to Teach, Train and Resource Children’s Leaders, Children, Parents and Churches. Our primary desire is to see leaders and parents envisioned, empowered and equipped to raise up children as God Chasers and Nation Shakers

This is done in a variety of ways and situations listed below:

  • Leading children’s groups at large Christian events such as: Spring HarvestFaith Camp , RIVERCamp
  • Leading Training Days/Weekends and Extended Courses – for children’s leaders covering a wide variety of subject areas.
  • Leading Children’s Celebrations.
  • Providing teams to do the Children’s Ministry at Church Weekends or Away Days
  • Leading Holiday Clubs
  • Providing an Advisory Service to Churches Leading Meetings for Parents.
  • Producing Resources e.g. training manuals, praise and worship CD’s with accompanying music books, puppet and drama sketch books, teaching curriculum etc. These are available in the shop section of this website.

Our aim is always to provide a balanced fun programme with lots of opportunity for children to experience the presence and power of God. For more information contact us using the the form below.



Heaven to Earth locally, nationally & internationally.

There are three elements to our Children’s Ministry: LOCAL Each of us are involved in local churches.  Nick Jackson and Emma Brackley are mainly involved in children and youth work.  Nick is involved in a range of local expressions of Powerpack, including: Sunday Church groups; After School Clubs; All-Age Services; Community Events; REInpsired Schools Work; Prayer Spaces In Schools and City-wide events. NATIONAL All of use are involved in large scale children’s work events like Spring Harvest, Faith Camp and RIVER Camp.  Throughout the year Nick and Heather also provide training and consultancy for churches and Nick leads church weekends and all-age services.  Heather is a consultant for groups of large churches and networks. INTERNATIONAL This is mainly Heather’s department; although Chris, Nick and Emma sometimes support this.  Powerpack is working in Argentina, Italy, Mozambique, Myanmar, Thailand and the USA.   We also have linked in Germany, Romania and South Africa.  


Training and equipping those involved in children’s ministry is an important element of the work of Powerpack. Heather and other members of the team have considerable experience in all areas of children’s ministry and are available to lead training days, sessions, workshops etc.

Powerpack is available to provide an advisory or consultancy service to churches concerning their children’s ministry. This will initially involve visiting the church, talking to the church leaders / children’s leaders, observing the children’s activities, looking at resources and producing a report with recommendations. Follow-up visits and training sessions, if appropriate, can be worked out with individual churches.

Heather has had some very significant input into the children’s work at Kingsgate Community Church over the last few years. Her experience and expertise has taken things to a whole new level. She has helped to birth a very successful Powerpack style meeting that is regularly attended by over one hundred 6-10 year olds every Sunday. Her ability to envision and equip leaders is one of her greatest skills. We are so grateful to Heather for all that she has invested into the children’s work and we know that we will see much fruit.

Dave & Karen Smith, Kingsgate Church, Peterborough


Featured Products


By Heather Thompson

30 Moments of Encounter

By Heather Thompson
Available as book or download

Encounter Activity Cards

By Powerpack
Available as cards or downloads

Right Hand Man

Our new children’s book about
The Holy Spirit is out in October 2017! Paperback or E-Book

Powerpack Resources

Powerpack provides a range of resources for church leaders, children’s ministry teams and children.  It has been creating high-quality, relevant material for over 25 years and has a wealth of curriculum, music and teaching resources.

Powerpack is a unique Christian ministry to children. Whilst bringing clear Biblical teaching in an environment of friendship and fun, children are encouraged to be open to the dynamic of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I highly recommend this ministry. Stuart Bell

Leader of the Ground Level Network

Powerpack always creates a fantastic environment for children to know Jesus in a real and personal way. From being filled with the Holy Spirit to hearing God and being released in praise and worship, we have seen thousands of children’s lives impacted at our annual event by the dynamic ministry of Powerpack. Clive Urquhart

Senior Pastor, Kingdom Faith