Personal Best & Right Hand Man
Both colourful fantastical awesometastic children’s picture books. One about the Holy Spirit.  One about being Free from sin and the best we can be with God. 

Armour Of God Teaching Series
A nine session curriculum based on the Armour of God from the book of Ephesians.  iIt s designed to help children become aware of the battle they are in, to see how powerful God is and to introduce them to the armour that God has provided for them to wear, so that they can stand strong.

Right Hand Man Teaching Series
Get hold of our latest Teaching Series ‘ Right Hand Man’ based on the book.  It’s 5 sessions packed with content to be adventurous with the Holy Spirit.

The Powerpack Trust Family

Est. 1986 | Registered charity number 1050323

Powerpack Ministries

Training and Equipping Children and their leaders across the world.

Children Changing Nations

A prophetic prayer movement for children.


Encounter Opportunities in Primary schools – opportunities to explore the Christian faith in creative ways.

Powerpack originated from the concept that children can be little ‘powerpacks’ for God. The ministry was founded in 1986 by Heather Thompson who is still the director of the ministry.

Powerpack is all about seeing children raised up as ‘God chasers and nation shakers’. Powerpack is interdenominational and charismatic in character. We are team based – drawing volunteers from various churches throughout the UK and overseas. There is a core leadership team which is made up of Heather Thompson, Nick Jackson and Chris Jackson. The ministry is administered by the Powerpack Trust. (Est. 1986 | Registered charity number 1050323).

We believe that children are part of the church today and should be treated as such.

  • Children need to encounter God for themselves in salvation and then develop their own relationship with God.
  • Children can be filled with the Holy Spirit, receive and use the gifts of the Spirit and be used powerfully by God.
  • Parents have the primary responsibility for their children’s spiritual well being with the church fulfilling a supportive role.
  • Fun and spiritual activities are not mutually exclusive.
  • Children deserve the best that we can give them in terms of leaders and programme. We should aim for excellence in every area of our work.
  • Children need to be taught the word of God as a basis for life and all the experiences they have in God.
  • Each child has a destiny in God which we need to help them discover and then equip them to fulfil.

The primary aim of Powerpack is to Teach, Train and Resource Children’s Leaders, Children, Parents and Churches. Our primary desire is to see leaders and parents envisioned, empowered and equipped to raise up children as God Chasers and Nation Shakers.

This is done in a variety of ways and situations listed below:

  • Leading children’s groups at large Christian events such as: Spring Harvest & RIVERCamp
  • Leading Training Days/Weekends and Extended Courses – for children’s leaders covering a wide variety of subject areas.
  • Leading Children’s Celebrations.
  • Providing teams to do the Children’s Ministry at Church Weekends or Away Days
  • Leading Holiday Clubs
  • Providing an Advisory Service to Churches Leading Meetings for Parents.

Producing Resources e.g. training manuals, praise and worship CD’s with accompanying music books, puppet and drama sketch books, teaching curriculum etc. These are available in the shop section of this website.

Our aim is always to provide a balanced fun programme with lots of opportunity for children to experience the presence and power of God. For more information contact us using the form below.

There are three elements to our Children’s Ministry: LOCAL Each of us are involved in local churches.  Nick Jackson and Emma Brackley are mainly involved in children and youth work. Nick is involved in a range of local expressions of Powerpack, including: Sunday Church groups; After School Clubs; All-Age Services; Community Events; REInspired Schools Work; Prayer Spaces In Schools and City-wide events. NATIONAL All of use are involved in large scale children’s work events like Spring Harvest and RIVER Camp.  Throughout the year Nick and Heather also provide training and consultancy for churches and Nick leads church weekends and all-age services. Heather is a consultant for groups of large churches and networks. INTERNATIONAL This is mainly Heather’s department; although Chris, Nick and Emma sometimes support this.  Powerpack is working in Argentina, Italy, Mozambique, Myanmar, Thailand and the USA.   We also have linked in Germany, Romania and South Africa.

Training and equipping those involved in children’s ministry is an important element of the work of Powerpack. Heather and other members of the team have considerable experience in all areas of children’s ministry and are available to lead training days, sessions, workshops etc.  See more on our pages: Weekends and Training.

Powerpack is available to provide an advisory or consultancy service to churches concerning their children’s ministry. This will initially involve visiting the church, talking to the church leaders / children’s leaders, observing the children’s activities, looking at resources and producing a report with recommendations. Follow-up visits and training sessions, if appropriate, can be worked out with individual churches.

Heather has had some very significant input into the children’s work at Kingsgate Community Church over the last few years. Her experience and expertise has taken things to a whole new level. She has helped to birth a very successful Powerpack style meeting that is regularly attended by over one hundred 6-10 year olds every Sunday. Her ability to envision and equip leaders is one of her greatest skills. We are so grateful to Heather for all that she has invested into the children’s work and we know that we will see much fruit.
Dave & Karen Smith, Kingsgate Church, Peterborough



Camping is good but not as good as Powerpack

A few days ago we were talking about Powerpack and about another church camp we are attending in the spring (not with Powerpack). He said camping is good but Powerpack is awesome and every day he prays that God will be as real to him all year as He is there. He also said he doesn’t want to leave...

A left foot turned inwards

I’ve heard from Daniel’s mum an amazing testimony! He was born with his left foot turned inwards, which made it hard for him to walk properly. Since being prayed for in Powerpack his foot has straightened out and he can walk perfectly. It’s stayed fine even now he’s home – God is so good! Well...

A long term deposit put in his life

Hi Powerpack team, I realize Grapevine is nearly upon us and that you are all very busy, but I did want to contact you and tell you a story that I hope will encourage.  I work for the an Inter-Schools Christian Union, we are a schools work ministry. Every August we take up to 70 secondary school...

A Life Transformed

Last time we went to Spring Harvest Samuel was 5 and claimed not to have enjoyed the children’s activities and was reluctant to go. I wasn’t sure how he would be this time, even though he is now 7 and he definitely had half a mind to object strongly. However when I went to collect him after the...

I always left Powerpack wanting more

My mum and dad are Christians, as are my two sisters. Every year for a few years we went as a family to Kingdom Faith Faith camp in Peterborough at the East of England Showground. That is where I experienced Powerpack! As a child who attended a very small church with hardly any other children...

No Worries

Just wanted to let you know that Hannah asked me this morning if she could take into school the Powerpack CD she got at Spring harvest this year as one of the tracks was relevant to their subject in circle time the day before which was about worrying. Apparently they were talking through in class...

Team Member Healed

A little boy was praying for children with leg problems (I think it was the Thursday, the day when the children were let loose to come forward with things the Lord had told them). I asked him to pray for my knee as it had given me problems since January (I had a cyst in the back of it). The moment...


My daughter was at Powerpack  this year. Last week just before Powerpack I noticed a verruca had come up on the soles of her feet. On the Tuesday afternoon when we were home, I took her to her swimming lesson. I duly put on her plastic shoes and she went swimming. On coming out of her lesson I...

A testimony that will bless your socks off.

Samuel aged 5½ (last year) favourite bit of RIVER Camp was writing prophetic messages to leave them on car windscreens.  When we got home he asked me (Grandma Linda) if he could write some for his neighbours.  So I bought some cards and he painstakingly and in his best handwriting wrote 13 (at 5½...

Gonna Be A Powerpack

Hello, my name is Ted, I live in California, USA. I am 22 and nearly done with college. I first attended Powerpack in the Spring of 1997, and it was there that I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Today I am still, as the song goes: “Standing strong (I won’t hold back!) Following Jesus (no way...

The Biggest Smile

“I gave my life to God at Powerpack when I was 7 years old. I stayed behind after the meeting and one of the leaders prayed with me. I remember being so happy. I ran all the way back to tell my parents, with the biggest smile on my face. That was my 5th year of Faith Camp and I am still coming...

Faith in God not dependant on being healed.

Our daughter Jayne went to Powerpack in 1991 when she was 8 years old. during the week she gave her life to Jesus, was filled with the Holy Spirit and was praying in tongues. She was so excited the night she was filled with the Holy Spirit that she did cartwheels all the way back to our unit. From...

Powerpack at Faith Camp to YWAM in San Francisco

I see there now that places I have been and people that I have come into contact with have really shaped my life. My parents were new Christians when I was a child, and so sought out help in bringing my siblings and I up in the ways of God. I remember once a year going to a family camp, and there...

We Received Prayer As A Family

We received prayer as a family by a group of Powerpack team on the open afternoon for all the family particularly around A's  toilet training .( A is aged 7 at the time and after many failed attempts) and J's eczema. Well, on the last day a leader told me that A had given her life to the...

Powerpack Changed My Life

At Powerpack I gave my life to God although I had believed in him for as long as I can remember. Powerpack was my favourite group and I can remember a sketch called ‘Indianna Bones and the Lost Tea Cup’. I was taught how to worship and was touched by the Holy Spirit. One memorable evening we were...

God Holds The Whole Family In His Hands

I am the Mum of Sarah who is 9. We were at Grapevine Celebration in August. One night after Powerpack Sarah said to me “God says that He holds our whole family in His hands.” I asked her how God had told her this. She said that the children had all been asked to lay on the floor and ask God to...

Mission In Africa Age 12

Dear Heather and the Powerpack team , I’m writing to tell you about how you helped me go out in the world and make a difference !I came to power pack a couple of years ago now and in the morning service the first year i came, we talked about Heidi Baker and her work out in Africa, which I felt...

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30 Moments of Encounter

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Right Hand Man

Our new children’s book about The Holy Spirit Paperback or E-Book

Powerpack Resources

Powerpack provides a range of resources for church leaders, children’s ministry teams and children.  It has been creating high-quality, relevant material for over 25 years and has a wealth of curriculum, music and teaching resources.

Ignite | A resource for Equipping Leaders of Children's Ministry
Shine Album
Play On Words
Puppet Power 2
Father God Teaching Series
Worship Matters Teaching Series

Powerpack is a unique Christian ministry to children. Whilst bringing clear Biblical teaching in an environment of friendship and fun, children are encouraged to be open to the dynamic of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I highly recommend this ministry.

Stuart Bell

Leader of the Ground Level Network

Powerpack always creates a fantastic environment for children to know Jesus in a real and personal way. From being filled with the Holy Spirit to hearing God and being released in praise and worship, we have seen thousands of children’s lives impacted at our annual event by the dynamic ministry of Powerpack.

Clive Urquhart

Senior Pastor, Kingdom Faith