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The Powerpack Trust Family

Est. 1986 | Registered charity number 1050323

Powerpack Ministries

Powerpack originated from the concept that children can be little ‘powerpacks’ for God. The ministry was founded in 1986 by Heather Thompson who is still the director of the ministry.

Powerpack is all about seeing children raised up as ‘God chasers and nation shakers’.  Powerpack is interdenominational and charismatic in character. We are team based – drawing volunteers from various churches throughout the UK and overseas. There is a core leadership team which is made up of Heather Thompson, Nick Jackson, Emma Brackley and Chris Jackson

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Children Changing Nations

Children Changing Nations is a network whose aim is to see children equipped and ready to carry and release God’s love and goodness in their communities and in the nation. We achieve this by inspiring children and their leaders through our teaching series, practical ideas, launch days, and mission opportunities.
We believe that children play an important part in God’s Kingdom and can:
> Hear from God
> Pray powerful prayers which reflect His heart know His thoughts for the people they meet
> Communicate those thoughts in ways that speak to people right ‘where they’re at’

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Connect is passionate that by connecting children and communities in the areas of faith, this produces whole people who understand themselves more effectively and can relate to others of all faiths and of no faith with a deeper understanding and celebration of the links that bring people together.  Connect predominantly work in primary schools.  Our focus is in developing a child’s sense of their own spirituality and how schools can connect with them in helping to make this happen in an authentic and meaningful way.

We believe that the local church can be a key place of connection in supporting schools to help children develop with their life questions and personal spirituality in order to make sense of who they are and how they connect with the world around them.

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Meet The Powerpack Core Team

Heather Thompson
Founder & International Director

Heather has been involved in children’s ministry since she was too old to be a child in the Sunday school! Leading children’s groups early in her teenage years, God called her to full time children’s work when she was 15 years old. After teaching for 5 years in both Primary and Secondary schools she left that job to fulfill her calling.

Heather, as well as other members of the team, have ministered extensively throughout the UK and internationally in countries such as: Argentina, Armenia, Uganda, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Romania, Thailand, Burma and the USA.

e: heather@ppcentre.co.uk
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Nick Jackson UK Leader

Nick is part of the leadership team with Powerpack Ministries. He lives in Oxford with his wife, Kath and three children Josie, Ella & Vedis.  Nick was previously a deputy headteacher in a primary school and has taught for 15 years.  He is the Children’s and Families leader at Headington Baptist Church, Oxford. Nick leads kids teams at Spring Harvest, Faith Camp and RIVER Camp celebrations. He is a core team member of Children Changing Nations and Connect.  Locally he runs an after-school club, leads community events, works in schools, and fresh expressions of church in the community. e: nick@ppcentre.co.uk Training & Consultancy | Church Weekends | Children Changing Nations | Connect | Right Hand Man

Chris Jackson
Creative Resources & Worship

Chris has been working with Powerpack for well over 20 years, writing and producing large numbers of songs, music and training materials along the way. As well as working full-time for Powerpack, Chris has recorded two albums and leads worship in her own church.

e: chris@ppcentre.co.uk
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Emma Brackley
Resources Management & Trustee

Emma is a dietician and in her spare time and volunteers with Powerpack.  Emma is one of our team of Powerpack Trust trustees. Emma leads church weekends and travels with Heather or Nick to support children’s ministry and training.  She lives in Guildford and works as a children’s leader in her local church, Millmead Baptist.  Emma often choreographs the actions and movements to songs and runs lots of the activities at events.

e: emma@ppcentre.co.uk
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Linds is the founder and leader of Powerpack’s CONNECT Project.  She has been Deputy Head Teacher in two Oxfordshire Primary schools, and acting Head in one.  She has taught across the whole Primary age range.  She brings her degree in RE and theology together with this teaching experience to the Connect team. 

Linds is part of the Children Changing Nations team.  Whilst teaching part-time she is a consultant for churches developing children’s programmes and running events.

e: lindsledger@gmail.com
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We believe…

  • Children are part of the church today and should be treated as such.
  • Children need to encounter God for themselves in salvation and then develop their own relationship with God.
  • Children can be filled with the Holy Spirit, receive and use the gifts of the Spirit and be used powerfully by God.
  • Parents have the primary responsibility for their children’s spiritual well being with the church fulfilling a supportive role.
  • Fun and spiritual activities are not mutually exclusive.
  • Children deserve the best that we can give them in terms of leaders and programme. We should aim for excellence in every area of our work.
  • Children need to be taught the word of God as a basis for life and all the experiences they have in God.
  • Each child has a destiny in God which we need to help them discover and then equip them to fulfil.

Our Powerpack theme song encapsulates what we aim to help and equip children to be:- Gonna be a Powerpack,  Gonna be a nation shaker, Gonna make an impact,  Gonna be a kingdom maker, Standing strong (I won’t hold back), Following Jesus (No way back), He’s the Lord (And that’s a fact),  I’m a mighty Powerpack, Showing that we love you Jesus,  by doing what you tell us to, Listening close to Your commands, Standing for what’s true, Don’t wanna leave this world as we found it,  Don’t want it to be the same, We want to see revival come In the power of Jesus’ name!

What Does Powerpack Do?

The primary aim of Powerpack is to teach, train and resource Children’s Leaders, Children, Parents and Churches. Our primary desire is to see leaders and parents envisioned, empowered and equipped to raise up children as God Chasers and Nation Shakers.

This is done in a variety of ways and situations listed below:

Our aim is always to provide a balanced fun programme with lots of opportunity for children to experience the presence and power of God. For more information see links below or use the contact form.

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