A great testimony of God working in a 4 year olds life and the impact it had on him.

Kurt (a first-year BSSM student) and his wife Marla Johnson shared this testimony: We are so thankful to be at Bethel! We had just finished some extended prayer and fasting, in which we focused upon our children. On a Sunday night we took our four-year-old, and one-year-old through the fire tunnel at church – several times. They absolutely loved it! We did not see any immediate differences in them, but we knew the Lord was working.

The following Sunday, Rolland and Heidi Baker were ministering. As we drove onto the road heading to the church, Marla said, “WOW! I really feel God! Our four-year-old said, “I do, too!” This was something new for him. We parked, and as we were walking into the building, he exclaimed, “I feel God! I feel Him in my tummy.” We then explained to him about the scripture that says that out of our bellies shall flow rivers of living water.We usually keep the kids with us during worship at church so we can train them to worship and be in the presence of God. As they were worshipping, the youngest was slain in the Spirit and lay on the floor calmly for a minute or two. (This little guy is so active; it was an obvious supernatural event!) We also took them to the service that night.The next day, the oldest child walked in during Marla’s time with God. She was worshipping, and after a few minutes, our son started speaking in tongues spontaneously! This was a first for him. He also was yelling “God! We love you so much!!!!!” He has continued to pray using his prayer language frequently.

Also, almost every day he says, “Mommy, can we go to church and worship God?”Later that morning, we were all in the kitchen and all of us, including the kids, were getting slain in the spirit in a certain spot in our kitchen–a glory spout!Another week or two went by, and we went to do Saturday afternoon outreach with Chris Overstreet and the team. We were talking with a lady, and then our son said, “Do you know about Jesus?” She said, “I know a little bit about Jesus.” We were then able to pray with her, and she began attending church. We have been ministering to her every week since then.Also, just now…we were sitting at the kitchen table eating Marla’s birthday cake. Bryan said, “I want to go get people saved. Let’s go right now.” Kurt said, “Where do you want to go?” our son said, “To the mall. Let’s go right now, just for 2 minutes.” (It was right before bedtime.) He continues to be a champion evangelist. Several times a week, he asks a stranger if they know Jesus. This has opened the door to some excellent witnessing opportunities, a few of which have led to salvations.

We serve at the Saturday Outreach with Chris Overstreet every week. But the Saturday before last was a priceless moment for us. Chris happened to drop by as we were finishing up at our site. A man who had rededicated his life to Christ the week before showed Chris a small bullhorn. Chris was playing around with it a little bit. Then our son asked if he could use it and started yelling into the megaphone “I love you Jesus! I love you Jesus!” Somebody mentioned something about preaching in the street, and he thought that was a terrific idea. He led us all to the parking lot in the centre of the motel and started preaching, “Hey! Do you know Jesus? Jesus really loves you!” He spotted a little girl riding a bike and yelled to her, “Hey, come over here! Do you know Jesus?” He gathered a small crowd and just starting telling them that Jesus loves them. It was an amazing sight to behold. We don’t think he had ever seen a bullhorn before, but he sure knew what to do with it!

Taken from Bethel Testimony site