Amazing God Encounters at Bethel Christian School March 2011

Taken from an email written by Don Mayer (Principal) to the parents of children attending BCS.

I am sure many of you have already heard from your children about the God encounters that happened at school over the last two days. The joy of the Lord, as well as, deep intersession flowed in and through the students. Kids spontaneously prayed for each other, parents and teachers, non-stop, and a few visitors for several hours each day. At times today, the noise from the kids’ prayers, laughter, and crying was so intense that you could only communicate with the person next to you by yelling. Yesterday’s events started when several of the classes had an opportunity to pray over six pastors visiting from Korea. What normally would have been a time of blessing our visitors with prophetic words and art, blossomed into three or four classes of kids spontaneously singing over them with many on the floor overcome by the Holy Spirit. Today the kids flowed out of their classrooms into the halls and eventually filled the sanctuary. As all this was happening the staff was circulating amongst the kids, praying for them and asking them what they felt, all the while in awe of what God was doing.

I wanted you to know that even in the midst of what seemed wild and chaotic lives were being touched and changed. Here are a few more testimonies that came out of the two-day encounter with Jesus:

One 5th grader told me that this was the most fun day he has ever had at school and he had never felt Gods presence until today. It was a great day.

From the junior high kids:

I didn’t get hit (by God) but it was great seeing so many people get hit by God. When it first started I was like wow! This is what Bethel School should be about! Then every class started coming and was a part of it . . . we started singing Fire fall down, fall down (on us we pray)
I was kind of feeling not so close to God, and I was doubting His love for me. And today I got so filled with His love, and now I know that He really is there for me, and He is my protector, and my provider.
“I saw the whole room getting loved by God and loving each other preschool to eighth grade. “I actually felt Gods hands come on mine as I was worshiping. Today was a blessing both for me and the school. He gave the courage and grace to scream His name and worship like a maniac.
“I felt God come down from heaven and come bringing joy to us! God wrecked me with his love and there was a lot of courage and boldness!”
An elementary student that has been raised at Bethel made this comment when the kids were praying for the men from Korea in the South lobby. I was changed from praying for the men. I didn’t realize God was so powerful.

I could continue to go on.
We eventually got the kids to the sanctuary at about 9:30. Even after having them move the intensity did not diminish. After an hour or so we had the students form a fire tunnel and invited the Dream Culture conference that was going on in the Great Room to come through for prayer. Here are some testimonies that came out of the fire tunnel time:

One of the moms that was there during all of this was practically drawn to one little girl that was weeping in travail for over an hour. She watched this little girl pray over one of the adults for healing as soon as the person was healed the student instantly stopped the travail and moved on to other things. She said it was as if the Lord had prepared her to release the healing once it was completed she was done.

A 27-year-old woman had worn her purity ring continually since her 15th birthday. Her little ring was now faded and tarnished. She had never taken it off to clean it. She shared that because of an assault in her teen years from someone she trusted and crossing moral boundaries as an adult she felt like the ring looked, unclean. After passing through the fire tunnel she notice her ring. Somehow, her tarnished ring was now polished sparkling bright and its little diamond shimmering in the light. She received more then a refreshing from the Lord, her purity and value were restored.

Another Women got to the door of the sanctuary, but froze with fear! When she saw the room full of kids it reminded her of her childhood trauma. It was in a large room like this, that her cult member parents, forced her to enter. In the large room filled with kids the cult leaders stripped her of her identity. The conference leaders coaxed her into our room full of kids and the Holy Spirit. She said, as she passed through the fire tunnel her identify was restored.
At the end of the morning most all of the kids had gone to lunch I sat on the floor with one of three kids still left in the sanctuary. I asked one boy what was God saying? He told me, ‘We are getting our inheritance’. I questioned what that meant. He told me that an inheritance is when the son gets what the father has and we got ours today. He told me that they (the kids) needed what the adults have already gotten, so we will be able to carry the revival on. He said that people from other countries need to make appointments to travel to our school so that we can could pray over them and they can take this back to their countries. We also need to have all day worship more often so that kids will like school. God has put His seed in all of us.