Jillian Dillon shared this recent report from the nursery:A 2-year-old girl comes to our church nursery regularly. This Sunday her mom picked her up, everything was normal until they left the room. She then started to speak in tongues! Mom came back in and told us that she had never done that before and she is speaking in tongues now! Come on!!!The Kindergarten room was filled with the glory today! Wow. Marie is 5 and she had a cut on her foot, so she asked Nicolas (the teacher) to pray for it. He did and it got healed right there!

Then, in the Kindergarten Room we had a visitor. She was kind of shy and didn’t play with the crowd. She was coloring at the table and Nicolas went over to talk to her. Suddenly a dime appeared on the table and she asked whose it was. Nicolas said Jesus wanted her to have it. She had eczema on her arm, so he asked if they could pray that that would go away. Nicolas called over Marie to help pray. They prayed and the pain went away! The rash was still there, but it didn’t hurt. Then he asked if she had Jesus in her heart. She said no, but she wanted to. So Nicolas had her repeat a prayer and ask Him into her heart. She totally got saved!!! Jesus!

Some kids were playing and Nicolas asked where the kids’ smiley faces were. They all talked about how when we are sad or even scared that if we put our smiley faces on, Jesus is with us. Then one child said, “God tickles Me!” Another child said, “When you are really still, you can feel him right here.” (She pointed to her chest.) The same room had such an awesome time today that they worshiped for 20 minutes and didn’t have enough time to do their craft!!

Taken From Bethel Testimonies Page