Last time we went to Spring Harvest Samuel was 5 and claimed not to have enjoyed the children’s activities and was reluctant to go. I wasn’t sure how he would be this time, even though he is now 7 and he definitely had half a mind to object strongly. However when I went to collect him after the first meeting I was delighted to be greated by an extremely happy child who announced that he had had a great time and he’d made a new friend called James.
Samuel has got a Powerpack CD and is teaching us all the songs he knows, including the actions which, I was delighted to see, include a lot of sign language. The strength of ‘Gonna be a Powerpack’ actions appeal very strongly to him, but he also likes to sing very sweetly ‘I will sing, I will sing praises to the King’.
Towards the end of the week Samuel told me that they had been invited to hold out their hands if they wanted to ask God’s Special Helper to come. He said he and James had both done so. And do you know, there is a change in him and it reminded me that the Holy Spirit is not exclusive to adults.
Since we have been home, the words ‘God and Jesus’ have been on his lips all the time. he’s still the same football mad 7 year old, but the knowledge that he is a special friend of Jesus has now been reinforced by other people and I am grateful that you had such a quietly powerful impact on his life.
A grateful mum