I am the Mum of Sarah who is 9. We were at Grapevine Celebration in August. One night after Powerpack Sarah said to me “God says that He holds our whole family in His hands.” I asked her how God had told her this. She said that the children had all been asked to lay on the floor and ask God to tell them something, and that is what God had told her. I was overjoyed that God was speaking to my little girl. God had told me the same thing earlier in the summer when I’d been anxious over a situation, and I hadn’t mentioned it to Sarah. The confirmation was excellent.

Last Saturday, my husband Steve had a fall and concussed himself and ended up in hospital, needing a brain scan. My Mum took Sarah and her brother home from the hospital, and on the way, Sarah said “God has our family in his hands, so I know Daddy will be OK.” Back at the hospital, as my husband was being wheeled in for the scan, I remembered this word and “reminded” God of it. Steve’s brain scan was clear, and he’s recovering well. As a Mum, I just wanted you to know this, and also want to say a huge thank-you for the work you do with our children. I often pray that God will prove himself to my children while they are still young, so that they will always know beyond any shadow of doubt that He is real, and He cares for them. God definitely proved himself to Sarah this year at Powerpack.

Huge thanks, and may God continue to greatly bless you and the work you do.