Dear Heather and the Powerpack team ,

I’m writing to tell you about how you helped me go out in the world and make a difference !I came to power pack a couple of years ago now and in the morning service the first year i came, we talked about Heidi Baker and her work out in Africa, which I felt myself really connect to! And we raised money for flip flops for the kids on the dump. At that time i knew about Tracey out in Mozambique and i felt that I just wanted to find out more and help.

The following year Tracey was down again and we did the Powerpack academy (I’m not sure if you still do it ) You could choose out of prayer, preaching, mission and many more and you’d do exercises and learn about it. I decided to do the mission academy with Tracey and me and my friends went. Some of the younger lads were talking about going on missions to us. I was really interested and from a little girl i have always wanted to go out in the world and i just felt God put it in my heart to go to Mozambique were Tracey is and help others ! I went away from Grapevine all bubbly and desiring to go! Little did i know then that i would be sat here now telling you about my mission trip to Africa!

When we got back from Grapevine i spoke to my parents and then said in front of the church about what had happened. My parents kinda caught the vision as well and wanted to go as a family to help so I know that it wasn’t just me talking to myself but it was God.  I then knew that i have to save lots of money because we were just starting private school and Mum and Dad needed help! So what i did was i started to make cards and sell cakes to raise money and our church Christian fellowship in Ilfracombe were very supportive! I managed to put a great deal toward it all! we then looked at dates and flights and it was decided i was to go on a mission at the age of 12 nearly 13 to Africa in last October 08. I went with my mum, dad, sister and a friend.  My experience was amazing out there we got to meet all the kids see how others have to live and we went out for meals with Tracey and saw her roll in it all and it was great to see what God is doing out there !

There is a passion in my heart for helping others but I’m not sure if that’s what God wants me to do yet. We helped out, we took some boys swimming and I went on top of the Bocaria (the dump) which was great because i thought a few years back i was seeing pictures of this place with Heidi now I’m here!! Also to see these people so desperate for prayer and help was amazing! We helped out in many departments which was great!  So over all i had a live changing experience. I would just like to say thank you to you all for making this happen because of your opportunities you give young Christian. you enable us to grow and listen to God and much more !

THANK YOU ! You are making a real difference in young kids lives!

Yours sincerely