Hi Powerpack team,
I realize Grapevine is nearly upon us and that you are all very busy, but I did want to contact you and tell you a story that I hope will encourage.  I work for the an Inter-Schools Christian Union, we are a schools work ministry. Every August we take up to 70 secondary school aged young people on a camp. One of the camp highlights is the daily ‘Primetime’ meetings – lots of fun and laughter, heartfelt worship and you can hear a pin drop when the speaker gets up to give the days message.

My 12 year old son Nathan was on his second camp this year. Three times he ended the Primetime meeting on his hands and knees for around 20 minutes, people stepping over him to get to the exit! He told me afterwards that he was praying for his friend Tom, who was ill with a sickness bug, and for his autistic friend. By the next day Tom was fully recovered, and the autistic friend had grown so much in confidence over the week, made friends and even gone swimming three times, which he never normally does.  Nathan’s parting comment was ‘they taught us to do that at Powerpack’.

Nathan is bitterly disappointed to be too old for Powerpack at this year’s Grapevine – but how great to know what an excellent, long-term deposit has been put in his life by the Powerpack team. Thank you so much – and we shall be praying for you all over the weekend, have a great one!