Just wanted to let you know that Hannah asked me this morning if she could take into school the Powerpack CD she got at Spring harvest this year as one of the tracks was relevant to their subject in circle time the day before which was about worrying. Apparently they were talking through in class any worries they might have going into year 3 & change of teacher, homework etc etc She found in her ‘day by day’ book the relevant scripture ( 1 Peter 5 v 7) & little message which goes with it & took them in.

I was really encouraged to hear this evening that she took in her stride standing up in front of the class & reading the scripture & the message that went with it & also got her teacher to say the printed prayer too. When the teacher put the CD on (track 4 from extreme disciples – 1 Peter 5 v 7) the whole class got up dancing!!

Praise the Lord for scripture inspired catchy songs on your Powerpack CD that reached 25 kids today & for a teacher willing for it to be played.