We received prayer as a family by a group of Powerpack team on the open afternoon for all the family particularly around A’s  toilet training .( A is aged 7 at the time and after many failed attempts) and J’s eczema.

Well, on the last day a leader told me that A had given her life to the Lord…..and within about 2 weeks God did a bit of a miracle and she was toilet trained! I was amazed at how easy it was this time. 

J (aged 5) also gave his life to Jesus in the few weeks following on from Spring Harvest and wanted to be baptised because he wants to follow Jesus for all of his life! We are still praying for his eczema and seeing some breakthrough through using far more cream! ( and we don’t baptise before the age of about 12 in our church….. so we just did it in the bath until then!)