Adventure Times


Adventure Times Booklet For Parents
Equipping Children To Encounter God For Themselves.

  • Do you want to help your child connect more deeply with Jesus?
  • Do you want to see your child’s relationship with Father God blossom?
  • Do you want to see your child empowered by Holy Spirit to bring heaven to earth?
  • Try Adventure Times as part of your prayer times and see what happens to your child!

Adventure Times Booklet for Parents is a 32-page A5 full colour Sarah Cornthwaite
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A slow smile spread across Ben’s face, lighting up his eyes as his whole countenance brightened. He looked at the children around him and exclaimed ‘Let me tell you about my Adventure Time! Jesus knocked on the door of my heart and I invited him in. He filled my heart with golden light! Now I know what Jesus looks like! Now I can meet with him anytime!’

I’ve experienced child after child connect with Jesus in this wonderful way of seeing him, hearing him, sensing him; some for the very first time and others in a far deeper and significant encounter than they’ve had before. Children are being ignited by the person of Jesus interacting with them on a unique, personal level speaking truths and wonders and love to their hearts and minds!

Your child can have this too and it can start today!

Adventure Times Booklet for Parents is a 32-page A5 full colour booklet.