Begegnungen mit Gott (Download)



12 Anleitungskarten für Stationen

Powerpack is a children’s ministry that amongst many other things lead children’s sessions at Christian festivals, e.g. Faith Camp, RIVER Camp, Spring Harvest, At such events the Powerpack team have developed spaces where children can meet with God in powerful ways through a series of interactive hands-on activities. These encounter activities range from simple responses to God, communication or through hearing God speak to them. They are opportunities for children at Powerpack to connect, find value and significance and share with their loving heavenly Father all that they wish to share with Him.

Encounter activities allow space. They draw on Biblical truths and prophetic truths to allow His Spirit to dwell with each individual. They speak truth and purpose into each person; from something simple comes something profound. Typical God!

This pack of double-sided cards is a collection of ideas used by the Powerpack team, together with support materials to help leaders as each child encounters God. It is available as a pdf download and printing options to create your own physical resources.

THIS PRODUCT IS IN GERMAN – The English version is Encounter Cards BLUE Set