eXtreme Disciple Music Book (Download)


Download all the music and words for the songs on the ‘eXtreme Disciples’ CD.

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This music book contains music with melody line only, words and guitar chords for all the songs on the eXtreme Disciple CD.

Track Listing:

1. Extreme Disciple 2. When I Feel The Spirit 3. Sovereign Lord 4. 1 Peter 5 verse 7 5. Sing Your Praise 6. Let Us Fix Our Eyes On Jesus 7. God Is In The House 8. We Lift You Up 9. Let Us Lift Our Voice 10. I’ve Got A Good, Good God 11. Father I Worship 12. He Will Baptise You 13. Be Careful 14. You Are Lord Of All The Earth 15. The Holy One 16. Jesus, Saviour 17. I Want To Choose You Jesus Today 18. Gonna Be A Powerpack

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