Holy Spirit Come (Download)


This curriculum contains 8 sessions with the theme of the Holy Spirit and is suitable for 7 – 11s. It’s aim is to help children experience the presence and power of God.


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‘Holy Spirit Comes’ contains 8 sessions exploring who the Holy Spirit is and the gifts that He wants to give His people. Each session contains enough material for approximately a one and a half to two hour programme, and includes teaching notes with pictures or ideas for visual aids and other reinforcing activities selected from the following – quiz questions, puppets and/or drama scripts, suggestions for worship and response times, prayer activities, worship and ministry suggestions, craft activities, games and activity sheets. This curriculum is aimed at 7-11 year olds.

This download comes as a zipfile with the contents in a PDF format. Everything is fully photocopiable. Music audio tracks are also included.

Session Titles are as follows:

Session 1 . Who is the Holy Spirit?

Session 2 . Passion For God

Session 3 . Be Like Jesus

Session 4 . Bringing Heaven to Earth

Session 5 . The Gifts of the Spirit

Session 6 . The ‘Speaking’ Gifts

Session 7 . The ‘Revealing’ Gifts

Session 8 . The ‘Doing’ Gifts



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