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Robbery at Pensley Manor & The Treasure Map

This paperback book is two Powerpack Gang Adventures in one!  For over thirty years Powerpack Gang stories have been told at events across the UK.  They are loved by children (and leaders).  Written by Chris Jackson and beautifully illustrated by Lola Chapman, the stories remind you of the Famous Five with a few modern additions.  Powerpack Gang Adventures are particularly suitable for 7 to 11 year olds and contain a hint of Christian ethos here and there.

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Cousins Boffin, Blossom, Brenda and Brain – alias ‘The Powerpack Gang’ – love having adventures together and solving mysteries, although they do have many narrow escapes along the way! This book contains two exciting Powerpack Gang stories.  Hope you enjoy them.

Book 1 – Robbery At Pensley Manor
‘Ssh!’ whispered Boffin, “I can hear something.  Sounds like a boat’s outboard motor, I think it’s coming closer.  It’s coming into the cave!”
“Oh no!” said Brenda, “I’m scared! what are we going to do?”

Book 2 – The Treasure Map
Boffin held the magnifying glass close to the back of the map.
“Wow! Look at that.” said Blossom. “It doesn’t make any sense!  It looks like heiroglyphics to me.  It’s all squiggles and numbers.  Whatever does it say?”

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