Shine Music Book (Download)


‘Shine From The Inside Out’ Music Book Download – all the music and song words for the album.



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This music book contains sheet music with melody line only, words  and guitar chords for all the songs on the Shine CD.

Track listing 1. Shine 2. God who made the universe 3. Bigger than, better than 4. I worship You 5. Come and make my heart Your home 6. You know that I love You (King of Majesty) 7. God is good 8. I have a Maker 9. Here I am 10. One God 11. Jesus, Mighty Risen Lord (You Are Here) 12. We are the pople of God 13. Praise Him 14. Jesus Saviour, Lord over all creation 15. We’re Powerpack 16. Gonna be a Powerpack


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