We Love Testimonies!

At Powerpack we love testimonies – we love to hear about God’s power at work, his amazing church in action and stories of hope, joy and freedom.  This page is dedicated to testimonies!  If you have a testimony connected in some way to children, families or Powerpack Ministries, please share it with us on the Contact form or on our Facebook page.

Another Great Year At Spring Harvest, Skegness

Powerpacked 5 to 7s at Skegness   Church Actually was the theme of Spring Harvest 2012 looking at God’s Brilliant Idea the church.  The themes across the site were superb for all ages and there was plenty of opportunities for children to encounter God, receive His...

Blue Group 3

We had another clue of a yellow coat/jacket/hoodie in the bookshop - a female. One girl in the group thought we should pray about something to do with taking a test. We walked into the bookshop area and there in the front door sat a lady taking notes from her bible in...

Ruby, 10

We went out to pray for people and we prayed for three people and there was one called John and he had arthritis in his leg and back.  We prayed for him and he was cured and he could move his legs

Jamie, 9

God showed us so clearly 1) Big Top 2) Lady 3) Brown hair 4) Glasses 5) purple top 6) depression.  We ‘found’ our lady who shared about big family problems.  All the team prayed – it was such a blessing God time -  Praise His Name.

Becky, 9

I thought of a person with brown hair and pink shoes.  We found them in the prayer tent and we prayed for her.  

Gill, 45

‘I could hardly walk when I arrived on Monday morning but after walking through the fire tunnel I have no pain in my foot anymore’.

A Red Leader

God has told Claire for the last two days that she is special daughter.  Claire is 7 and has been withdrawn and when she was 6, self harmed.  She is one and half years academically behind in school. She has seen a huge transformation this week, performing on stage,...

Daniel, 6

I have just become a Christian. 

Joseph, 7

The Lord filled me with the Holy Spirit and with joy. 

Ruth, 10

I was healed from my eczema, 

Powerpack Group at Faith Camp 2011

We went prayer walking, listening to God and going to pray for people.  We asked God for clues and we heard: lady with blond hair, black top, poorly ankle, unit 10.  So we set off to that camping unit and found the lady with blond hair and black top.  We prayer for...

Red Group

Immediately I had said ‘Amen’ one boy in the group said, “I’ve got it – Shake (youth venue), Deaf, Healing” We went there and explained over the PA that we felt God wanted to heal people with hearing problems / deafness. 3 young people and 2 adult helpers came for...

Powerpack Group At Grapevine 2011

We felt we needed to go the clock tower. When we got there we prayed again and felt we needed to pray for a lady wearing a dress. We looked around and there was only one lady we could see (it was a tent area) and she was going into her tent from her car. She was...

Green 3 Group

While treasure hunting God told is to find a man with blonde hair near the Synergy tent. We then got the word depression.  Outside Synergy was a man with blonde hair and we asked if he was sad, he said yes, then we asked if he suffered from depression and he said yes....

Yellow Group 4

We were asking God for clues about the treasure and came up with a green skirt and flowers. We felt we should look around the food van area. As we were walking there, we saw a lady in a green skirt with big flowers on it walking quickly away down the side of the main...

Powerpack Group at Faith Camp 2011

We went on ‘Listen & Go’ -  God gave us these clues: lady, RHS of the main hall, glasses and flowery dress.  We worried that we didn’t want to go into the adult meeting, but then a lady came out and had blond hair.  We explained and prayed for her bad arm, after...



1. to subject to fire or intense heat
2. to set afire
3. to cause (a fuel) to burn
4. to heat up or excite
5. to set in motion

Tired of working your way through the manual and not really seeing God do anything with your children?  Fed up of looking for curriculum that has a ‘spark’ about it that will ‘ignite’ your children?Make your curriculum work for you.  Apply the principles in this book and see what God does!

More Testimonies!

Here are some longer testimonies, you may wish to grab a cuppa tea or coffee and enjoy them,  Tissues could be handy too!

No Worries

Just wanted to let you know that Hannah asked me this morning if she could take into school the Powerpack CD she got at Spring harvest this year as one of the tracks was relevant to their subject in circle time the day before which was about worrying. Apparently they were talking through in class any worries they might have going into year 3 & change of teacher, homework etc etc She found in her ‘day by day’ book the relevant scripture ( 1 Peter 5 v 7) & little message which goes with...

A left foot turned inwards

I’ve heard from Daniel’s mum an amazing testimony! He was born with his left foot turned inwards, which made it hard for him to walk properly. Since being prayed for in Powerpack his foot has straightened out and he can walk perfectly. It’s stayed fine even now he’s home – God is so good! Well done for leading us into an amazing time with God. God bless! Lorraine

Gonna Be A Powerpack

Hello, my name is Ted, I live in California, USA. I am 22 and nearly done with college. I first attended Powerpack in the Spring of 1997, and it was there that I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Today I am still, as the song goes: “Standing strong (I won’t hold back!) Following Jesus (no way back!)” Thank you for investing in me all those years ago! Ted


My daughter was at Powerpack  this year. Last week just before Powerpack I noticed a verruca had come up on the soles of her feet. On the Tuesday afternoon when we were home, I took her to her swimming lesson. I duly put on her plastic shoes and she went swimming. On coming out of her lesson I took them off and looked at both feet and guess what?! I couldn't find it … On looking more closely there is still a little mark but it has gone down immensely and doesn’t itch any more .Sarah says she...

Powerpack Changed My Life

At Powerpack I gave my life to God although I had believed in him for as long as I can remember. Powerpack was my favourite group and I can remember a sketch called ‘Indianna Bones and the Lost Tea Cup’. I was taught how to worship and was touched by the Holy Spirit. One memorable evening we were so filled (my friend and I) with the Holy Spirit we could hardly walk back to our unit and we saw in the sky what looked like the shape of an angel. Powerpack changed my life. Thank you,   Love from ,...

Team Member Healed

A little boy was praying for children with leg problems (I think it was the Thursday, the day when the children were let loose to come forward with things the Lord had told them). I asked him to pray for my knee as it had given me problems since January (I had a cyst in the back of it). The moment he prayed I felt the power of God come all over me and I have not had a problem since. The next day I told him that my knee was completely better to encourage him, and he looked totally unsurprised...

A testimony that will bless your socks off.

Samuel aged 5½ (last year) favourite bit of RIVER Camp was writing prophetic messages to leave them on car windscreens.  When we got home he asked me (Grandma Linda) if he could write some for his neighbours.  So I bought some cards and he painstakingly and in his best handwriting wrote 13 (at 5½ miraculous in itself).  Then Abigail, 3, wanted to get in on the act so she asked if she could choose the houses (it’s a very long road)  Samuel said she could but had to pray and not mess about...

Camping is good but not as good as Powerpack

A few days ago we were talking about Powerpack and about another church camp we are attending in the spring (not with Powerpack). He said camping is good but Powerpack is awesome and every day he prays that God will be as real to him all year as He is there. He also said he doesn’t want to leave Powerpack and when he is too old to attend he would like to be a leader and one day go on missions!! You guys are all such an inspiration to those children we would go to Grapevine just for that alone...

A Life Transformed

Last time we went to Spring Harvest Samuel was 5 and claimed not to have enjoyed the children’s activities and was reluctant to go. I wasn’t sure how he would be this time, even though he is now 7 and he definitely had half a mind to object strongly. However when I went to collect him after the first meeting I was delighted to be greated by an extremely happy child who announced that he had had a great time and he’d made a new friend called James. Samuel has got a Powerpack CD and is teaching...

Mission In Africa Age 12

Dear Heather and the Powerpack team , I’m writing to tell you about how you helped me go out in the world and make a difference !I came to power pack a couple of years ago now and in the morning service the first year i came, we talked about Heidi Baker and her work out in Africa, which I felt myself really connect to! And we raised money for flip flops for the kids on the dump. At that time i knew about Tracey out in Mozambique and i felt that I just wanted to find out more and help. The...

God Holds The Whole Family In His Hands

I am the Mum of Sarah who is 9. We were at Grapevine Celebration in August. One night after Powerpack Sarah said to me “God says that He holds our whole family in His hands.” I asked her how God had told her this. She said that the children had all been asked to lay on the floor and ask God to tell them something, and that is what God had told her. I was overjoyed that God was speaking to my little girl. God had told me the same thing earlier in the summer when I’d been anxious over a...

A long term deposit put in his life

Hi Powerpack team, I realize Grapevine is nearly upon us and that you are all very busy, but I did want to contact you and tell you a story that I hope will encourage.  I work for the an Inter-Schools Christian Union, we are a schools work ministry. Every August we take up to 70 secondary school aged young people on a camp. One of the camp highlights is the daily ‘Primetime’ meetings – lots of fun and laughter, heartfelt worship and you can hear a pin drop when the speaker gets up to give the...

Faith in God not dependant on being healed.

Our daughter Jayne went to Powerpack in 1991 when she was 8 years old. during the week she gave her life to Jesus, was filled with the Holy Spirit and was praying in tongues. She was so excited the night she was filled with the Holy Spirit that she did cartwheels all the way back to our unit. From the first week at Powerpack Jayne’s life was completely focused on Jesus. In all that she did she wanted all her friends and family to have the same relationship with Jesus that she had. Jayne...

Powerpack at Faith Camp to YWAM in San Francisco

I see there now that places I have been and people that I have come into contact with have really shaped my life. My parents were new Christians when I was a child, and so sought out help in bringing my siblings and I up in the ways of God. I remember once a year going to a family camp, and there I spent one week with Powerpack! It was during these weeks that God became more than just the main character in the Bible stories I had heard every week at Sunday school. It was during these weeks...

We Received Prayer As A Family

We received prayer as a family by a group of Powerpack team on the open afternoon for all the family particularly around A's  toilet training .( A is aged 7 at the time and after many failed attempts) and J's eczema. Well, on the last day a leader told me that A had given her life to the Lord.....and within about 2 weeks God did a bit of a miracle and she was toilet trained! I was amazed at how easy it was this time.  J (aged 5) also gave his life to Jesus in the few weeks following on from...

The Biggest Smile

“I gave my life to God at Powerpack when I was 7 years old. I stayed behind after the meeting and one of the leaders prayed with me. I remember being so happy. I ran all the way back to tell my parents, with the biggest smile on my face. That was my 5th year of Faith Camp and I am still coming back 14 years after being challenged in different ways each year”. Sian Carrington

I always left Powerpack wanting more

My mum and dad are Christians, as are my two sisters. Every year for a few years we went as a family to Kingdom Faith Faith camp in Peterborough at the East of England Showground. That is where I experienced Powerpack! As a child who attended a very small church with hardly any other children attending back at home, to walk into a tent full of children, all there to find out about God, was a great experience! I wasn’t just entertained in Powerpack, I learnt about God my friend, who was with me...