Another Great Year At Spring Harvest, Skegness

Powerpacked 5 to 7s at Skegness   Church Actually was the theme of Spring Harvest 2012 looking at God’s Brilliant Idea the church.  The themes across the site were superb for all ages and there was plenty of opportunities for children to encounter God, receive His...

Blue Group 3

We had another clue of a yellow coat/jacket/hoodie in the bookshop – a female. One girl in the group thought we should pray about something to do with taking a test. We walked into the bookshop area and there in the front door sat a lady taking notes from her...

Ruby, 10

We went out to pray for people and we prayed for three people and there was one called John and he had arthritis in his leg and back.  We prayed for him and he was cured and he could move his legs

Jamie, 9

God showed us so clearly 1) Big Top 2) Lady 3) Brown hair 4) Glasses 5) purple top 6) depression.  We ‘found’ our lady who shared about big family problems.  All the team prayed – it was such a blessing God time –  Praise His Name.

Becky, 9

I thought of a person with brown hair and pink shoes.  We found them in the prayer tent and we prayed for her.  

Gill, 45

‘I could hardly walk when I arrived on Monday morning but after walking through the fire tunnel I have no pain in my foot anymore’.