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We believe that training in extremely important and we have a number of team members who are very experienced in all aspects of children’s ministry.  So if your children’s leaders need to expand their vision, evaluate what they are currently doing, learn new skills or just build their confidence to step out into new areas, then we can help. Obviously it is important that the vision for children’s ministry is in line with that of the church and therefore it is helpful when at least a representative from the church leadership team attends the morning session whenever possible.

Most training events consist of a day (usually a Saturday) running from 10am – 4.00pm. The morning is spent covering vision and fundamental issues to help make your children’s ministry the best that it can be. The afternoon is given over to workshops (the number of these being dependent on the numbers of attendees and the availability of Powerpack team members to lead them).

Powerpack is available to provide an advisory or consultancy service to churches concerning their children’s ministry. This will initially involve visiting the church, talking to the church leaders / children’s leaders, observing the children’s activities, looking at resources and producing a report with recommendations. Follow-up visits and training sessions, if appropriate, can be worked out with individual churches.

Kip Crooks | St Peter’s Liverpool

Nick,  we enjoyed your visit. You were such an inspiration to us all, and we were really challenged, made to think and you had such a great way of listening and affirming what was going on here at St Peter’s that it felt like really positive, helpful two days.  We loved getting to know you a little, and hope that we can maybe next time meet the rest of the family!

Dave & Karen Smith | Kingsgate

Heather has had some very significant input into the children’s work at Kingsgate Community Church over the last few years. Her experience and expertise has taken things to a whole new level. She has helped to birth a very successful Powerpack style meeting that is regularly attended by over one hundred 6-10 year olds every Sunday. Her ability to envision and equip leaders is one of her greatest skills. We are so grateful to Heather for all that she has invested into the children’s work and we know that we will see much fruit.

Erika Biscoe | Emmanuel Church, Bicester

Thank you Nick for your training day – We were really inspired, encouraged and challenged by the things you shared.
Erika Biscoe, Emmaunel Church, Bicester

Brenda Davidson | Children’s Leader Croydon

“Thank You! Just to say once again, thank you for all that you spoke about at the conference. I really am so encouraged and feel empowered to make changes.”

Brenda, Children’s Leader, Croydon

Clive Urquhart | Kingdom Faith

Powerpack always creates a fantastic environment for children to know Jesus in a real and personal way. From being filled with the Holy Spirit to hearing God and being released in praise and worship, we have seen thousands of children’s lives impacted at our annual event by the dynamic ministry of Powerpack.

Clive Urquhart – Senior Pastor, Kingdom Faith

Stuart Bell | Groundlevel

Powerpack is a unique Christian ministry to children. Whilst bringing clear Biblical teaching in an environment of friendship and fun, children are encouraged to be open to the dynamic of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I highly recommend this ministry.

Stuart Bell – Groundlevel

Training Content Options

Most Popular

  • Ignite – Seeing every session ignited by the Holy Spirit
  • Get the Message – Helping children hear from God and move in the prophetic
  • Helping children encounter God
  • ‘Powerpacks’ – Children and the Holy Spirit
  • Programming – Putting together a balanced programme
  • Raising Up Children of the Word – Tips & ideas to help children get into the Bible
  • Raising up Prayer Warriors – Tips & ideas to get children praying
  • The Best Hour of the Week – Foundational principles to help make the time we have with the children the best it can be. (Good as an introductory session in a training day).
  • ‘They can do it!’ – Releasing children in ministry.
  • Training Children to bring Heaven to earth
  • ‘You can’t make me!’ – Discipline.

Other Options

  • Building a Successful Team – Recruiting, encouraging and training Leaders
  • Creative Communication
  • D.I.Y. – Writing your own teaching resources
  • Drama with children
  • Enter the Kid Zone – children and culture.
  • Expressions of Worship – Dance, art, using flags and ribbons
  • ‘Go into all the world’ – Children and missions
  • Here’s one I made earlier’ – art and craft
  • In or Out? – Children and the Gospel
  • Organising and Running a successful holiday club
  • Players or Spectators? – Praise and worship with children
  • Puppets & Drama
  • Spot the difference – Taking a closer look at the differences in children and how these need to be reflected in our programmes

Need something a bit different?

These topics are not only possibilities!   We can generally make a day ‘fit’ your situation so please ask if you have specific things that you want us to address.  Please contact us.

What does it cost?

We are often asked by churches how much we charge for training etc. We have never felt it right to have a set charge but instead like to give some information to help churches in making a decision as to what to give. Powerpack as a ministry does not pay any salaries. Heather is partly supported by her church as a missionary and Nick has a part time role in his church. While both have some personal supporters they are also very reliant on the money they receive from bookings. Other team members  that might be involved are usually volunteers. The money given by churches needs to have two components – an honorarium (payment) and expenses (travelling costs in particular). We also expect accommodation and meals to be provided.

The Powerpack Team


What to give as an honourium?

Firstly consider how much time is involved for the team

  1. Preparation time: At least one day for a training event (+ another day for sessions on a Sunday)
  2. Travel time to and from the location
  3. The days with you.

Secondly think about how many people have benefitted from the event. It might be helpful to think about what the price would be to send each person to an outside training course.

Most churches give upward of £250 for a training day honorarium.

Travelling Expenses

We would expect travelling expenses to be covered.  Our office is in Aldershot, Hampshire and Nick lives in Oxford so it depends on who is involved as to where our start point is. Sometimes it is necessary to bring two cars depending on who is involved and how much equipment we need to bring.

Thinking you can’t afford it?

We never want costs to be prohibitive so please contact us to talk about it.

Heather’s input to our children’s work has been invaluable. Her ability to communicate how to lead children into the presence of God has had significant impact on our ministry and has challenged and inspired us. She has a clear anointing to enable children to move in the power of the Spirit including hearing from God and praying for others. Heather has brought a new way of thinking to our Children’s work which will have a lasting impact.

Trevor Johnson

Children's Pastor, King's Church Horsham

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