Year 4 Teaching Team (Bishop Loveday Primary)

The children thoroughly enjoyed the practical nature of the workshops. They were given the opportunity to share, respond and reflect during these interactive sessions. This included drama, games, singing, outdoor learning, discussion, writing poems/songs and...

Parent of Year 4 Boy

Thank you to Mrs Ledger who has impacted my boy Charlie. From the ‘Worship Matters’ course that he did with Connect in school, he was able to implement his experience to a challenging situation at home with the death of his Nan. Charlie knew that God still loved him...

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assistant in the classroom of a 6 week Connect course, it was wonderful seeing the children so involved and inspired. It prompted me to ask questions too and to think about God and my understanding of him.

Parent of Year 4 Child

My daughter Mia was very cross that she missed a Connect session for our family holiday! She loved the whole experience, learnt a lot and enjoyed time to have space to think about her own beliefs and questions

Parent of Year 5 and 6 boys

Mrs Ledger is a very passionate and skilled communicator who has engaged both of my boys in her sessions. It is encouraging to hear how excited they now are about developing their own faiths. A great experience.

Year 3 Teacher

The Connect training was fresh and exciting and helped us to think about the importance of creating space for children in a very busy curriculum. Well worth attending.