In Honduras, 8,000 children and parents gathered in a stadium to pray earnestly for their country, which is suffering an epidemic of drug trafficking and violence.  The children came from many different churches to intercede for the future of their country. Underlining the depth of the crisis, President Porfirio Lobo also attended this year’s event.  Every year since 1999, the prayers of these children reach the nation through a network of radio and TV stations.

According to the prayer event founder Roy Santos, these intercessors, ranging from age 7 to 12 years old, have prevented major natural and political disasters.

“Then a political crisis arrived. And they prayed for the crisis that social problems would not rise in Honduras, and that God would give us a strong leader, and that those that wanted to act against the will of God, that God would remove them. When the political crisis arrived, God delivered us,” Pastor Roy Santos, with Harvest Ministries, said.

Pastors and teachers train child intercessors through weekly Bible studies and prayer before they participate in major prayer events.