Over eighteen years ago, I received a deep revelation of the enemy’s destructive purposes toward children.
My oldest granddaughter, Mesha, has seen angels since the time she could talk. She used to call them “birds.” She had been describing these “birds” in her limited vocabulary for months. Because she was only two years old, we thought she was just pretending.
Then one morning, Mesha was taking a bath with her mother. The presence of God filled the bathroom like a cloud. Mesha stood up in the tub and shouted, “The birds are here . . . the birds are here!” Oftentimes we would catch her in the bedroom interacting with the angels, just as a person would play with their friends. As she grew older, her angelic experiences became more exciting and intense.
When Mesha was about four years old, she began to wake up in the middle of the night screaming, “The angels are scaring me!” This went on several times a night for weeks on end. My daughter and son-in-law, who are pastors, would run to her room and try unsuccessfully to console her. It was not long before they were calling me at two and three o’clock in the morning desperate for help. One night, when we had already been praying with her, I told them to ask her what color the angels were.
“Dad, she says they’re black!”
“Oh,” I mused, “I bet they’re demons. Tell Mesha to command the demons to go outside.”
A few seconds later, I heard a tiny voice shout, “Go outside! Go outside now!”
The demons left, only to return the next night. At three o’clock, Jaime and Marty woke to Mesha shouting, “Go outside, you bad angels! Leave now!”
They rushed to her room, only to see little Mesha standing in the dark on her bed, pointing outside in a stern voice and commanding the demons to go outside. When they turned the light on, Mesha excitedly said, “I made the bad angels go outside.”
It’s hard to imagine, but I am convinced that demons are more afraid of children than they are of adults. There is something about childlike faith and innocence that God protects in an extraordinary way!
It’s high time we start recognizing children as saints, fully equipped for warfare by the same Holy Spirit that lives in me and you.
As parents and grandparents, let’s believe in the children in our lives and help them to understand their giftings, along with the power they carry! Partnering with their child-like faith will make any devil shake in their boots and leave the room at the sound of our children’s voices, “Go outside! Go outside now!”