Powerpacked 5 to 7s at Skegness  

Church Actually was the theme of Spring Harvest 2012 looking at God’s Brilliant Idea the church.  The themes across the site were superb for all ages and there was plenty of opportunities for children to encounter God, receive His spirit and be the church God has called them to be. 

Our theme was ‘Powerpack’: Power to shine, Filled with Power, Power to love, Power together and Power to be like Jesus.  The Bible passages were from John, Healing of the blind man, Jesus saying come all who are thirsty, Jesus washes his disciples feet and Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

We had many opportunities to pray with the children, in the first hour, about 100 children said they wanted to become God’s Friend and Christians for the first time; about 30 more made that choice later in the week.  All the children had lots of opportunities to receive the Holy Spirit with some getting messages from him to share.  We had opportunities to pray for healing, using bandages, kids doctors kits to ‘play and pray’ or just grabbing a moment mid programme.  Two testimonies include:

Ellie had arrived at Spring Harvest suffering from a stutter, which her family have been worried about for some time. Mum told the Powerpack leader about it, but a few days in having prayed using the bandages both her mum and the leader realised that Ellie had not stuttered all week!

Chloe had excema on the inside of her arm and during a prayer time a child next to her prayed for it and when they had finished it had completely vanished during the prayer.  We spoke to her family after the meeting and they confirmed that not only had it gone, but the other eczema she had was nearly gone too!

While we were worshipping Sebastian had a picture of a scooter with God underneath it.  He felt God saying to him that he should put Him first.

The feeling across the site this year was one of a move of the Spirit, in Doug Horley’s programme and the BIg Top members of the team experienced a strong sense of God’s presence.  People were queuing to get into the ‘Receiving The Holy Spirit’ session joking that they may have to lower someone through the roof! 

Our offering project this year was for Haiti (Compassion) – you can read more here.