More CD Backing Tracks (Download)


Backing tracks for the ‘More’ album features 16 praise and worship song. Includes ‘Undefeated Champion’.





The ‘More’ album features 16 praise and worship songs including ‘Chasing God Shaking Nations’, ‘Undefeated Champion’ and ‘I want more of You’. This download only includes the backing tracks.

Track listing: 1. Chasing God Shaking Nations 2. I Believe 3. Let’s Walkabout 4. Undefeated Champion 5. I Want More Of You 6. Holy Spirit 7. Our God Will Reign Forever (My Saviour Lives)  8. Who Am I (Friend Of God)  9. As I Come Into Your Presence  10. Transformers  11. Medley – We Have The Best Dad* & God Is Great 12. We Want More  13. Lord You See Beyond My Time (Beyond) 14. Your Eyes Are On Me Lord 15. Xplode! 16. Gonna be a Powerpack                                                                                                                                                                                                    *Rick Pino © 2008 Fire Rain Music (ASCAP) (admin by Carpenter Create LLC) All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

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