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 ‘More’ features 16 praise and worship songs to lead children into the presence of God. Suitable for 5-11 year olds.


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 Track listing:

1. Chasing God Shaking Nations 2. I Believe 3. Let’s Walkabout 4. Undefeated Champion 5. I Want More Of You 6. Holy Spirit 7. Our God Will Reign Forever (My Saviour Lives)  8. Who Am I (Friend Of God)  9. As I Come Into Your Presence  10. Transformers  11. Medley – We Have The Best Dad* & God Is Great 12. We Want More  13. Lord You See Beyond My Time (Beyond) 14. Your Eyes Are On Me Lord 15. Xplode! 16. Gonna be a Powerpack   

*Rick Pino © 2008 Fire Rain Music (ASCAP) (admin by Carpenter Create LLC) All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

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