Enter the God Zone Album (Download)


Enter The God Zone album (download) contains 17 praise and worship songs suitable for 5-11 year olds.

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This is a download of Enter The God Zone album.  This collection of songs mixes lively, high-energy praise, Gonna Be A Powerpack and Who May Stand, with reflective intimate tracks, There’s A River Flowing, Come Let’s Bow Down and I am The Lord who Heals You; these are ideal for soaking and meditative worship. Everyone can learn biblical truth in an action packed way, with tracks like Jesus Is The SameThe Fruit Of The Spirit and If My People. Other tracks can engage children in prayer, I’m A House Of Prayer and the House Of Prayer rap version.

Tracks Included:
1. Gonna Be A Powerpack /2. Who May Stand? / 3. Where The Presence Of The Lord Is / 4. I Am The Lord Who Heals You/5. What Is The Thing that You Want The Most?/6. I’m A House Of Prayer/7. God’s Command/8. There’s A River Flowing/9.  Let Us Be Grateful/10. Jesus Is The Same/11.Salvation Belongs To No-One Else/12.Come Let’s Bow Down/13. The Fruit Of The Spirit/14. God Says Don’t Be Afraid/15. If My People/16. House Of Prayer Rap/17. It’s Not By Might
Powerpack Ministries produce a teaching curriculum for small groups, kid’s church and Sunday Schools that uses tracks from this CD.

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