Fire Carriers (Download)


‘Fire Carriers’ is a seven session curriculum and contains enough material for approximately one and a half to two hours meeting time.

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In Luke 3:16 we read, ‘He (Jesus) will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire!’ This curriculum contains 7 sessions based on the theme of the fire of God. It explores what it means to be ‘on fire’ for God – how to be a ‘fire starter’ and a carrier of His presence. It also contains helpful suggestions for keeping and fuelling the fire.


Session 1 … Holy Spirit Fire
Session 2 … Holy Fire!
Session 3 … Fire Starters
Session 4 … Fire Extinguishers
Session 5 … Fuel the Fire (Part 1)
Session 6 … Fuel the Fire (Part 2)
Session 7 … Fire Carriers

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