Puppet Power 2 (Download)


Puppets can have enormous value as a means of effective communication and appeal to all ages. The twenty-five puppet sketches in Puppet Power 2 are based on real-life situations and provide a memorable way to initiate or reinforce a teaching point.










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Puppet Power 2 includes sketches covering the following themes in a PDF download:

A Gift for Jesus  – What can we give to Jesus? (Possible Christmas theme)
Billy Joe’s Birthday – Leaving Jesus out of Christmas
Break Up – Respecting other people / Respecting God / Being casual
Chicken – Trusting God and his word / Fears / Stepping out in faith / Being adventurous
Don’t Touch – The need for obedience / Temptation / Consequences of disobedience
Everyone’s Invited – Jesus loves everyone / Jesus wants everyone to be saved / Everyone is different in the body of Christ
Friends Forever – Giving God what we can / Giving him our love / Parable of the widow’s mite
Getting Ready – We need to be ready to meet King Jesus / Preparing for worship
Gilbert’s Report – There’s a consequence to how we behave / What kind of report will we have in heaven?
Give It Away – God wants us to be unselfish – to give rather than receive
Hide and Seek – Being set free from fears
Joining God’s Army -God accepts us as we are / Becoming a Christian
Just Like Your Dad – Jesus is the visible likeness if the invisible God / We need to be like Jesus

My Dad’s Better Than Your Dad – Boasting / exaggerating / appreciation (Possible for Father’s Day)
My Dog’s got Fleas – Putting things right before they get out of hand
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – It’s not what you say, it’s what you are / Not being a hypocrite / Being real
The Maggot – We are inherently sinful and need a new start
The ‘Magic’ Box – Only one true God / Only God works miracles / Only God can give us what we need
The Monkey Tree – God’s forgiveness – based on the story of the prodigal son
The Pantomime Tickets – Need to follow instructions carefully
The Presents – Responses to God’s gift of Jesus / God gives us good gifts to enjoy (A possible Christmas theme)
The Transfer – Jesus accepts us as we are / Becoming a Christian
Ticket to Heaven – Only one way to God / One way of salvation
Time for Friends – Making time for others / Being a good friend / Being unselfish / Our responses to spending time with God.

“These puppet sketches have been inspiring children at Powerpack events for well over 20 years. they are tried and tested and bring to life teaching points and programme concepts. I fully recommend this resource.” Fleur Clark – (Children’s Worker Stockport)














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