We felt we needed to go the clock tower. When we got there we prayed again and felt we needed to pray for a lady wearing a dress. We looked around and there was only one lady we could see (it was a tent area) and she was going into her tent from her car. She was wearing a dress.

We approached her and explained what we were doing and that we felt God had led us to her to pray for her and she almost cried. She explained that she was feeling very lonely. She wasn’t able to go to the Big Top as she needed to look after her young children. She said that, “It (the children praying for her) has made my Grapevine.”  As we walked away another Powerpack group had also been sent to her. They had been given the description – A lady with brown hair in a tent near the clock tower. They had also been given a ‘word’ that she needed healing for something inside. They prayed for her. This testimony showed me that whilst this lady was feeling all alone, God knew where she was and what she needed and He responded by sending 2 groups to bless her!