Right Hand Man Teaching Series (Download)


‘Right Hand Man Teaching Series’ is a five session curriculum based on the book Right Hand Man ‘Billy’s Adventures with the Holy Spirit’ and each session contains enough material for approximately one and a half to two hours meeting time.

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Right Hand Man (Noun)
one’s most valuable assistant or supporter.

Right Hand Man began life as a drama (which is included in this series), to help the Powerpack leaders explain the character of the Holy Spirit in a fun way.  He is a helper, a counsellor, a friend, a protector, a provider, a guide and a messenger.  This concept proved to be very helpful in sessions with children as they could easily relate to it and therefore build a relationship with the Holy Spirit.  It has now become a children’s book as well as this short teaching series.


  • Leaders Guidelines
  • Session 1        Right Hand Man
  • Session 2        Comforter
  • Session 3        Provider
  • Session 4        Guide
  • Session 5        Messenger

This Right Hand Man teaching series is stand-alone, however it can work very well in combination with our other teaching series Holy Spirit Come.  A good pattern is to select session one from either resource.  Then use sessions two, three and four from Holy Spirit Come, followed by sessions two, three, four and five from Right Hand Man.  You could then finish with sessions five, six, seven and eight from Holy Spirit Come, although these last four sessions are more suitable for 7-11s.

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